Freelancing Tools


I use Freshbooks for invoicing clients and keeping an eye on my cash flow. My favorite feature is the ability to send auto-reminder emails to clients who are past due on any invoices.


I made the switch over from MailChimp and I’ve been really happy I did. I always found MailChimp cumbersome to work with and ConvertKit is the exact opposite of that. So far, I’ve been impressed.


Super easy and intuitive to use. There are some free options out there but I’d rather pay a few bucks extra for something that has easy setup and will save me time down the road.

Uber Conference

Really easy for dial-in calls. I also love the fact that I can record the call and have a .mp3 emailed to me afterward. Overall, it’s a great service, though I have had issues with call quality a couple of times.


I use it regularly. (Just like everybody else)

WP Engine

Hosting is like insurance in that you only wish you paid extra for it when you really need it. It’s a good idea to not skimp on it and WP Engine (though pricey) is super fast and reliable. I’ve never had any issues.


There a few apps out there that will actually create more time for you. And that is exactly what TextExpander does. It’s not so much the actual time it saves me correcting typos, so much as the frustration it saves me from having to go back to correct them. With a limited supply of mental power, having a tool to keep things moving along smoothly really makes a difference.

Acuity Scheduling

Another time saver, I can send people to my online calendar instead of batting dates and times back and forth via email. Instead, I just send them a link to my calendar, and they can pick the time that works best for them.