Pricing freelance work – Ask me anything

Pricing freelance work can be confusing and is something all freelancers struggle with.

Get it wrong and you can leave some serious cash on the table. It also brings up all sorts of weird feelings tied to how you feel about money.

Questions of fairness, self-worth, and confidence all play a role in how much you charge for your work.

So I was honored to do a pricing AMA (ask me anything) with Preston from last month to answer some common pricing problems freelancers struggle with.

Take a look if you’ve got questions about pricing your freelance work.

In the video I cover:

  • What to do if you think you’ve overpriced yourself. Can you go backward? (3:30)
  • Should you have different rates for different clients? (8:01)
  • The pros and cons of flat-fee pricing vs. hourly rates? (15:45)
  • How to answer a client when they ask you: “How did you come up with your pricing?” (25:51)
  • What role does geography play in pricing and how to overcome “local” rates. (31:31)
  • Should you charge a referral the same price you charged the original client? (36:02)

Got more questions on pricing? I want to hear from you! Drop a question in the comments section below.