Work With Clients You Love

Learn how to avoid painful clients (and work with amazing ones instead). In this course you’ll learn why the clients you’ve been working with don’t pay you enough, don’t respect you enough, and aren’t allowing you to create the type of freelance business you want. Learn what you can do to fix it.

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Pricing For Designers

Are you charging enough for your design work? Learn how to price your work to maximize your revenue. You’ll learn proven techniques to help work with clients who pay top dollar for your work. Work with fewer clients but do great work. Work that matters.

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Clients On Demand

Tired of the feast or famine cycle of non-stop work one month and crickets the next month? Learn how to attract the right kind of clients to you and build a business for the long haul using a proven blueprint and business model that gives you clients when you need them.

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Mastering Client Onboarding

Watch this webcast on improving your pre-project process and learn 10 principles to help you weed out problem clients, do your best work and start working with clients you love.